Bodhi Project



Bodhi Project (AT) och Francesco Scavetta (NO/SE/IT)

Ett samarbete med Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts. Korta dansperformance framförs i samband med tågavgångar på perrongen vid Svenshögen Station.

10 September 2019

16.30, 17.30,18.00, 18.34.

With costumes and set design straight out of the 70s-, partly kitsch tiki lounge, partly Wes Anderson film set, “All I know of which I am not thinking” takes us to places comforting and strange. The work is bizarre yet familiar: offbeat, funny and poetic. The piece explores, in a peculiar blend of politics, poetics and humour, the notion of truth and falsehood in theatre and everyday experience, bringing forward an investigation started with the performance “Hardly Ever”. 
The project identifies the theme of lying as iconic and relevant on both a sociopolitical and personal level and theinterweaving of semantics and performativity is central in the work. The performers on stage continuously manipulate their fictional worlds and creations addressing the audience
with verbal statements that are both personal and surreal. By naming and renaming their actions and the physical landscapes they create, the dancers aim in engaging audience personal associations, while challenging their perceptions. 

It’s all about believing and making believe, even just for a few instants. It’s an inner guessing game. It’s about creating expectations and triggering empathy, while allowing the unexpected. The result is subtly political, joyful
and timely. 

Scavetta directs, together with Gry Kipperberg, of the Norwegian dance company Wee. He created 22 full length evening performances, often in co-production and collaboration with international festivals and theatres. Since the
beginning, Wee/Francesco Scavetta has had an extensive international activity, touring in 37 countries -in Europe, Middle East, Asia, North, Central and South America-, becoming one of the leading company of the Norwegian scene.

Scavetta’s creations have changed in format and aesthetic, yet they have continuously tried to explore what theatre and performance can mean in contemporary life and what kind of dialogues they can open with the
audience. The core of the investigations deal with fragility and paradox, epiphany and dream, empathy and surprise, avoiding narrative and physical cliché, and questioning reality and identity with humoristic disbelief. Scavetta creates performances that can engage and amaze, that evokes empathy and can twist
expectations, that can be poetic and unusual, and that we experience as a challenge for ourselves. That surprisesus, as much as it talks to us and about us.

Svenshögen station längs Bohusbanan - Svenshögen 421 -